Discover the innovative applications of EVA technology


EVA (Ethylene-vinyl Acetate) has become extremely popular in the manufacturing industry because of its excellent qualities and uses. EVA technology has sphere headed the creation of amazingly versatile products for daily use. Likely, you have probably bought a product packaged in an EVA case already. Did you know that you can get a customized EVA case? To learn more, visit to get the best deals in the market. EVA is created by mixing Vinyl acetate and ethylene.

Advantages of EVA

EVA foam has many uses, including flooring and sports equipment. EVA foam has the following advantages;

  • Light and easy to mold
  • Highly durable
  • UV resistant
  • Water resistance
  • Resilient in harsh temperatures
  • EVA is easy to color
  • The foam can withstand pressure and assume the original form
  • Affordable alternative to plastic and metal

How is EVA used?

Because EVA has so many advantages and is highly versatile, it is used to manufacture many items, including cases.

  1. Because the material is resistant to chemicals, it can be used in the medical field to hold chemicals without the risk of affecting the EVA case’s integrity. It is also an added advantage that the EVA is latex-free.
  2. Since EVA is light and durable, it is used to make sandals, shoes, and seats. The foam is easy to mold ergonomically, making it the preferred material in ergonomic products. The world’s leading shoe companies use EVA foam to make inner soles for their shoes.
  3. EVA is extensively used to make floatation items for swimmers to train with. EVA foam is buoyant and UV resistant, making it the perfect material to make floaters exposed to the sun for long hours in a day. Bath toys for children can also be made from EVA foam.
  4. EVA foam is taking an innovative lead in the safe transportation of sensitive life-saving materials in the medical field. The material has been used in cryogenic storage bags used to store stem cells for cancer patients.
  5. Because EVA is sturdy, heat, and water-resistant, it is used to make cases for delicate equipment in extreme environments.

Other forms of EVA

EVA has a simple molecular structure that makes it easy for medical personnel and engineers to create innovative solutions for modern problems. The liquid form of EVA is referred to as PVAc (Polyvinyl Acetate Copolymer). These copolymers are used in a variety of processes, including:

  • The manufacture of hockey sticks, gloves, and boots makes use of these copolymers. Apart from the sports industry, PVAc is used in manufacturing fishing rods, foam tiles, and reel handles.
  • PVAc is also used to manufacture floating sunglasses, so you never lose your glasses in the pool again.
  • Your waterproof sandals are also probably made from several foams of EVA foam. PVAc makes a durable shoe, and because of its adhesive nature, it can make seamless artistic patterns on the sandals.


Nowadays, different kinds of EVA foam are used in increasingly innovative ways. EVA’s simple molecular structure makes it easy to use as a base for creating innovative EVA technology. Innovating products rely on EVA characteristics that include resistance to chemicals, durability, and being lightweight.

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