Common footstool Mistakes You Should Avoid


Till you are actually faced with the duty of choosing a footstool for your new home, you won’t know how difficult this task is. You can sometimes just walk into a furniture store and demand a tufted ottoman coffee table.

However, if you do that, there is more than a 90 percent chance that you will end up with an unsuitable piece. Before buying a footstool, here are a couple of questions you should answer.

Is it the right size? Will it complement the rest of your furniture? Does the material agree with your values and lifestyle? Is it large enough to make your feet feel comfortable?

Only when you have given a positive reply to all these questions will you be sure a footstool is right for you. This article will provide some answers on how you can choose the right footstool.

How to Choose a Footstool For your Home

Below are essential rules you must adhere to while choosing a footstool.

1. Look Out For the Right Height

What could be very awkward that having a footstool that is either too low or too high. For a footstool to be adequate, it should be slightly lower than the cushion on the sofa.

At worst, it shouldn’t be more than two inches below or above. If it is any more than that, your decor is likely to look a bit off and awkward.

2. Pay Attention to the Proportions

This rule is very similar to what has been explained above. Finding a footstool with a suitable height is not enough, the length must also be adequate to the sofa width.

Generally, the footstool should be around one-third of the original length of your couch. So if for instance, you have a 96-inch couch, you should get a footstool that is one-third of that. That number will be 32.

3. Do Not Neglect Your Own Needs

Your need is one of the most important things to put into consideration. After all, it’s for your use and you shouldn’t choose something your lifestyle doesn’t agree with. If you need a piece where you can hold miscellaneous items, consider getting a storage piece.

If you love playing board games with friends, get a footstool that will be convenient for this purpose. If you are the type that is likely to use it as a footstool while you watch TV, an ottoman is more likely to serve you best.

If you have kids around, do not go for the ones with sharp edges. Go for oval or round ones instead. It is also not advisable to use glass where there are a lot of kids around.


A footstool is a small table usually placed in the sitting room. Without a footstool, the room will look void and discontinuous. This is why every room decor needs a footstool. Endeavor to get a nice footstool for your living room if you are yet to get one.

What is truly holding you back from this glorious opportunity? If nothing, then cease the chance.

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