All You Need to Know About Food Thermometer


A food thermometer is a key tool in every kitchen. You can call it the perfect kitchen assistant. When you make the best choice of kitchen thermometer, the result can be rewarding.

Did you know that the food thermometer is also very useful for grilling too? Sweet right? Now it is a grill thermometer.

To make sure that you do not end up ruining your grill or your thanksgiving turkey, you need to monitor the temperature of the steak. That is where you need the thermometer.

Without the thermometer, you might end up with a steak that is undercooked, overcooked, too dry. You should also know that undercooked poultry can cause an illness know as salmonella.

Pretty sure you did not know about the effects of undercooked poultry o your body. Well, there are many other questions that people have asked. What are the questions and answers?

Frequently asked questions about food thermometers

Question: When is the best time to use the meat thermometer?

You many people use the meat thermometer as it is known when they are roasting in the oven. While that is convenient, the thermometer can also be used when you make you make fried chicken.

Whatever the case with your choice of meal, you should make sure that the time when you insert the thermometer into the piece, you should near the end of your cooking.

If you have to be using a cooking recipe, you should follow the time as stated in your recipe line and when it is near the end of the process, about 10 minutes to the end.

Question: Is there a proper way to use a food thermometer?

Using the thermometer is quite easy. You just have to do a few things. While you keep some tips in mind.

Tip 1: Make sure you put the thermometer on the right spot. The probe of the thermometer should be placed inside the pot.

Make sure that it is not touching any hard part of the food.

Tip 2: No need to wait. You should not wait for the meat to reach the temperature before taking the heat off.

You should make use of the carryover heat that is accumulated during the cooking period. Ad making sure you turn off the heat before it reaches the internal temperature is the way.

You are advised to do this around 5 degrees lower than the required heat for that particular food. You should now let the meat rest for 10 minutes.

Question: How do you know when your meat is well cooked?

Here are a few reading digits you can look out for

145°F: This is the temperature at which you should let your beef and lamb down. Then you should allow the meat to rest for about 3 minutes.

At this temperature, smoked ham and uncooked ham, and fish should be ready.

165°F: at this point, you should take your poultry off and let rest for a little while.


Many questions may arise from the use of the food thermometer, but they are easy and you can always learn to be better.

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