Ways to Combine CNC Machining with Other Processes


In cases where aluminum is still the desired material and more complex aluminum parts need to be created, you will need more than CNC aluminum machining.

For you to create more complex parts, you will need to combine CNC machining with other manufacturing processes. Why would anyone want to combine CNC machining with other processes?

A good answer to that question would be to increase the functionality of the aluminum material. You will also gain other things from undergoing various manufacturing processes.

The good thing about this combination is that the CNC machine is an all-in-one machine. This makes it the perfect tool to modify or refine aluminum parts made by other machines.

This means that you can use the CNC machine to complement the work done by other processes like casting, extrusion, and forging.

Some Manufacturing Processes to Combine with CNC Machining

CNC Machining and Forging

The process of forging is an ancient process that involved shaping and reshaping a metal using heat and a hammer to apply a compressive force.

A common process of modern forging is done using aluminum 6061 with a closed die. A closed die is a process that is used in the production of some automotive components.

 Post-machining helps to create complex geometries, and they do not ruin the integrity of the component.

Post-machining can help to make stronger parts as they are post-machined with a CNC machine. This is a beneficial and healthy combination for the component.

CNC Machining and Investment Casting

What is investment casting? This is a metal casting process where metal parts are created using wax patterns.

Investment casting ends with high dimensional accuracy and the casted parts are done with nothing less of excellent finishing.

The process of investment casting can help in the creation of intricate components. Experience has shown that these parts come out with no parting lines.

The desired material for investment casing is aluminum. Which makes it even better. The CNC machining can take place for post-machined refinement purposes.

CNC Machining and Aluminum Extrusion

The process of extrusion is done by forcing molten material through a hole in the die. This forces the molten to form an elongated component.

This process is a very effective way to make components that have a quality surface finish and are functional.

If the part has to be modified after the aluminum extrusion process, the parts cannot be post-machined. This is because such components are usually malleable and ductile after the extrusion process.

CNC Machining and Pressure Die Casting

In this manufacturing process, the molten metal is forced into a mold cavity using high pressure. This process is usually used when making components in large quantities.

If you combine this process with CNC machining, there will be benefits. How? When you die-cast aluminum parts and use the machining center to add more cuts, you can create better finishes.


All the processes mentioned have aluminum as their material of choice. When these processes are combined with CNC machining, more complex geometries can be created.

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