How To Choose The Best From Types Of Buzzers

one of Types Of Buzzers

In the recent past, there has been a vast technology advancement which has resulted in various types of buzzers. For instance, there is an active buzzer and passive buzzer which differ slightly. Therefore, for you to choose the one that will suit your needs better, you need to look at the various feature. Some of the characteristics in question that can assist you in selecting the buzzer required are discussed in this article.

  • Sound pressure

Sound pressure is one of the common factors that individuals use to choose a type of buzzer they want to purchase. The buzzer frequencies determine the loudness of the buzzer. However, the standard test distance of a buzzer’s sound pressure in 10 cm. Therefore, if a buzzer has a pitch level standard that covers less than 10 cm, it is lesser than the required standard, and thus should not be chosen.

  • Dimension

The size of the piezo buzzer is also a significant factor to consider while choosing a buzzer. Unquestionably, it affects the frequency height and volume size. Consequently, the size of the buzzer plays a vital role, hence should be well looked at while purchasing a bell. Therefore, if you want to buy a relatively loud siren, consider going for the relatively big one.

  • Connecting way

Various ways can be used to connect a buzzer. For instance, there are wire connection type, SMD, and dip type. However, some individuals use custom piezo element, thus making it a little bit big. Such huge piezo buzzers are connected using screwed type method, which makes the strongly mounted on the wall or any other surface.

one of Types Of Buzzers
  • Current consumption

Unquestionably, the piezo buzzer price varies depending on the machine type, characteristics, and the manufacturer. However, apart from the buying price, you also need to consider the operational cost before settling for a certain buzzer. Various buzzer types require different amounts of current for them to function effectively, thus leading to different operational cost. Conclusively, you need to consider the current consumption rate of a machine before deciding of the device you want to purchase.

  • Driving method

Likewise, the buzzer’s driving method, which is determined by the working principle, is a crucial factor that you need to consider before choosing a buzzer.  Due to the piezo buzzer circuit, a self-drive buzzer can emit a sound when connected to direct current. However, the driving method determines the quality of the sound output. Piezo buzzer, for example, requires a square wave to improve the buzzer’s sound quality.

  • Bottom Line

Conclusively, there are various types of buzzers. However, if you need one, you will be required to do an excellent analysis to determine which buzzer types is most likely to serve the intended purpose better. Driving methods, current consumption rate, connecting ways, dimension, and sound pressure are some of the common factors to consider. They will make you settle on the most effective buzzer for your need.


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