Think Green!!-Try a Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis Plant

Across the world, two-third of the garbage is plastic waste. Shockingly, around 6-billion tons of plastic waste has been created in the last 50 years. It is becoming a threat to the land and biosphere with times. The government and local authorities are looking forward to fixing the plastic waste problem.

Luckily, the wonder technology finds out a way to convert loads of plastic waste into valuable energy. One efficient way to generate green energy from waste is by using a pyrolysis plant.

Pyrolysis plant uses pyrolysis method to convert plastic waste into fuel energy ecologically. If you wonder, can pyrolysis plant convert plastic to energy effectively? The answer will be, of course.

You’ll agree with us once you know more about pyrolysis and pyrolysis plants.

What Is Pyrolysis?

Pyrolysis is a way of decomposing organic materials by heating at temperatures among 400oC to 650oC. It is done in an oxygen-limited environment. Pyrolysis is basically an old technology to generate energy in the form of oils, gases, and chars.

The raw materials of the pyrolysis process are plastic waste, tire waste, rubber waste, and sludge. After heating at a specific temperature for hours, pyrolysis gas starts to produce gradually. Thus, it generates a massive amount of fuel gas. All in all, it’s an energy conversion process.

Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis Plant

Pyrolysis Plant is a machine that decomposes waste to generate pyrolysis gas through pyrolysis technology. It decomposes organic compounds that have thermal uncertainty characteristics. Pyrolysis plant comes mostly in three types, including Batch, Semi-continuous, and Fully-continuous.

How Does It work?

Firstly the organic materials are fed into the machine; the pyrolysis furnace continues to heat. Once the pyrolysis gas starts to produce, the temperature slowly increases.

The heating process is considered done when the temperature reaches 450oC. Meanwhile, the generated fuel gas flows into the steam distribution set via pipeline. It also produces heavy oil that drops to the residual oil tank and stored in the oil tank.

Then, the gaseous component passes through the pipeline toward the circulating water cooling system. The pipeline cooled the gas and separates both fuel gas and liquid (a combination of water and light oil).

At this point, the liquid flows to the water-oil separator to separate light oil and water. The light oil is stored in the oil tank. The oily wastewater is inserted into the pyrolysis reactor chamber as fuel along with pyrolysis gas. Finally, it comes out as fuel gas, which is useable.

Pyrolysis Plant

Is Pyrolysis Plant Efficient To Convert Plastic To Energy?

Yes, it is. Let us tell you why;

  • Its automatic-submerged arc welding technology and distinct structure make the facility evenly heated to ensure longer service life.
  • Its well-designed condensing system provides better oil quality.
  • The advanced dust removal technology of the pyrolysis plant produce fuel gas with less emission.
  • The pyrolysis plant has a compact layout and a small footprint. It assures smooth operation. 

To Conclude!

Pyrolysis plant is genuinely an effective machine for converting plastic waste to renewable energy. On top of that, it is a more environment-friendly option for this conversion.

Folks, it’s time to save the earth from plastic waste torture and get the best use of it!

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