5 Key Elements Of Quartz Countertops

calacatta quartz slab

Quartz countertops have a rich reputation for being high-end remodeling materials. Today, homeowners and business professionals are embracing the use of this quality stone to complete their bathroom and kitchen renovation projects. While people are knowledgeable enough to comprehend the benefits of this impeccable material, some could do with additional knowledge of quartz slabs.

  1. The Lineage

This quartz countertop is manufactured using composite material. At the outset, the stone is crushed using an adhesive known as a polymer. But, over the years, manufacturers have created newer versions of quartz countertops to satisfy different customers’ tastes. For example, the upcoming categories are such as concrete and marble. These are perfect materials for that new kitchen countertop you intend to have.  

middle white quartz slabs

     2. A Change In Appearance

Quartz countertops are primarily engineered to fit into different applications. Other materials can be incorporated into the slurry through extensive pigmentation. That way, every homeowner can achieve a unique look on their kitchen counter. But it’s not just that. Other types of quartz countertops can serve as an alternative to the original material. For those who want to own a granite kitchen top, this would also be a perfect choice.

white with vein quartz slabs

     3. Quartz Countertops Are Not Entirely Quartz

You will appreciate the look of a quartz kitchen top. While this is true, you may be excited to learn that most quartz countertops are not all quartz therein. This implies that most of the materials contain up to 12 percent polymeric. Others contain elements of cement-based binders. The rest of the materials in a quartz countertop include crushed granite as well as marble. Other than that, you will be surprised to learn that the rock material is often mixed and held together using several binders depending on the volume of the quartz countertop.

     4. Understanding Color Options

As with any stone in the construction sector, the quartz material has several appealing features, including colors and patterns. The variety is expanding because of the growing competition between various brands. For that reason, homeowners and entrepreneurs are focused on investing in different quartz countertops to have a unique look within their premises. Besides, the distinctive-looking palette also has a natural look that would look good on a kitchen counter.

wooden quartz slabs

     5. Comprehending Different Brands Of Quartz

There are different brands of quartz. Caesarstone is one of the most prominent brands. Not only is it easy to install but affordable in most countries. However, that does not mean that brands such as LG Viatera and Cambria are not as stylish. Most homeowners prefer the two over the rest because they can be engineered to suit different uses.   

brown color quartz slabs


You have learned that engineered quartz comes in different shapes and sizes. Perhaps it is also essential to understand that it is dense and nonporous. This implies that it can be used in creating perfect and durable kitchen countertops. If you are still wondering why then it is because such quartz materials are also non-abrasive. Therefore, however much they are utilized, they will always maintain their excellent quality.


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