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One of the best ways of telling the world about your brand is through promotional printed pens. With these promotional products, you can create the right image and impression of your business.

The effects of using promotional product bags cannot be overemphasized. There are certain key facts you should know about these products. We will be discussing a couple in this post.

Why should you use promotional printed pens or bags?

Many business owners continue to have these questions on their lips. Most of them don’t understand why you have to spend money to dash certain items out. How does that bring profit to the business?

Statistics do not lie and there are tons of success statistics relating to the use of promotional products online. When you hand out promotional printed pens or any of such items, you are creating an impression.

This impression is a good one because it shows your clients or prospects that you care about them. But more than this, they are about the cheapest publicity measures you could adopt. The number of impressions your promotional product bags and several other items make is massive. 

Why do they make so many impressions? It is simple, they last for long periods and during this time, their design and use attract lots of attention. There are so many reasons why you should consider using promotional items (know more) for your business.

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Facts about promotional items you should know

Now that you know how much you are missing from not making use of promotional items, let’s go deeper. There are certain facts about these items that are insane and incredible, yet they are so true. 

Do you have an idea about any? You are probably licking your fingers already and can’t wait for the juicy details. If you aren’t using these items already, you would be convinced after reading this section. 

  1. Statistics have shown that a massive 8 out of every 10 homes have at least one promotional product. That is really huge as it means they are so popular and very effective. As a matter of fact, certain homes have 10 or more different promotional items.

Let’s try to explain this fact in clearer terms. Being this popular means promotional products can be the key to unlocking the full profit potential of your business. Do you now see why many of the big brands invest so much in these items? Try answering this question, how many promotional printed pens do you have in your house?

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  1. Taking a closer look at the above statistic. A whopping 53% of the owners of these items confess to using them at least once each week. This means the success rate you are expecting with promotional product bags would be staggering.
  2. With the number of people owning and using these items, how long do they hold on to the products? It will surprise you to note that most of them, 6 out of 10, only discard these items after 2 years.

This implies that during the 2 years when they hold onto your promotional items, they have a constant reminder. Reminder about what? Of course, your business. So any time they need something you can provide, you become the first point of call. Amazing, right?

  1. In the end, someone discards them, isn’t that true? Well, not exactly, which is good news when you think of it. Only one out of every five people who use promotional items would discard them into a bin. Don’t you feel a bit safer with this fact?
  2. Now let’s take a look at the potential of using promotional items. Brace up, this might shock you a bit. Of all the people that have received promotional items, 55% say they have had collaboration with the providing company previously.

That’s great but this is better. 85% of the people who receive these items say they end up doing business with the providing company later on. This is that silver lining on the cloud, it is more than just a ray of hope. 

This means the possibilities for building your brand are limitless with these items. There’s more, read on.

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  1. By now, you must be wondering, there are so many products available, which should I invest in? Let’s answer this question right away. You can put your money on promotional product bags and promotional printed pens.

The reason is simple, the return rate in terms of impressions for these items is crazy. Each of them has proven to create close to 6,000 impressions. This figure is way higher than most other publicity media can achieve in two lifetimes. 

  1. To show you how effective these promotional products are, let’s take a closer look at bags. Of the total number of consumers in the USA, 31% have at least one bag. 
  2. With 6,000 impressions, these bags must cost a fortune, right? Not at all, in fact, they are so cheap, you would almost be spending nothing. It is like you are getting all the impressions for free when you only pay one-tenth of a cent for a bag.
  3. Wondering where the idea of promotional items came from? Let’s do a bit of history. The first recorded use of promotional items was 1789. Yes, when George Washington became president. People received commemorative buttons, these buttons were for promotional purposes.
  4. Truth be told, not all your consumers would lay their hands on your promotional items and it isn’t their fault. This is quite unfortunate, but how many of them would in the end? At least 48% of your customer base would love to receive these items often.
  5. What is the effect of these items on my clients? You must have been thinking about this the whole time. It is simple psychology and that is why we call them impressions.

A whopping 89% of the people who have gotten promotional items said they can remember the name of the providing company. Since they can remember you, they will always call on you.

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Promotional products are very effective in building brands. We have established the fact that promotional printed pens and promotional product bags are your best bets. Invest in these and share your testimonies with Zigpac in the comments section.

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