Magnetic Vent Cover

There are a million reasons why you would want to replace your old magnetic vent cover. You may want to decorate it, put a filter in, or just put in a strong home depot magnetic vent cover instead. Regardless of the reason, you still have to remove the vent cover first.

Removing or replacing your vent cover is not a herculean task as long as you have the right instruments. In this post, we will consider removing and replacing your magnetic vent cover. These methods will suffice for your home depot magnetic vent cover as well.

Removing the magnetic vent cover

It is imperative that we begin here seeing that without removal, there can be no replacement. To remove your strong magnetic vent cover or home depot magnetic vent cover you need:

  1. Screwdriver or drill
  2. Needle nose pliers

If you are not up to remove them yourself, you can visit Zigpac, it is one of their specialties. The two instruments above form the basis of two methods of removal of vent covers. Let’s take a brief look at each one in the next few paragraphs.

Magnetic Vent Cover

a.       Method 1 – Using a screwdriver or drill.

Before you remove the vent cover, you must first take a look at the cover screws lining the top. Usually, there are just two screws at the top to deal with. This translates to a simple fact, it is not a difficult process.

Did you just heave a sigh of relief? Well, it is not out of place because it is really that simple to remove a magnetic vent cover. You just need to check if you need a flathead or Philips head screwdriver.

The reason why you should check is that all vent cover screws are not the same, it’s proven. Figuring out which screwdriver you need and using it is key to how easy the process will be. You just need to screw away and soon, you’ll get rid of your home depot magnetic vent cover.

b.      Method 2 – using Needle nose pliers

Sometimes the screw heads are neither flat or Philips in nature. This means a regular Philips head or flathead screwdriver will be no good. You need to try another method to remove your strong magnetic vent cover.

When the screw heads are not flat or Philips, they are stripped. At this point, your best option at this point is needle-nose pliers. Don’t let this get you, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

All you need to do is grip the screw and begin turning it in an anticlockwise direction. Before long, the vent cover should be off. You may consider visiting Zigpac to remove your old vent cover if you need some help.

c.       Final stage

This is not a method, it is the roundup of both methods above. Implying that you climax each method with this stage. It is made up of one simple tip. Gather all the screws removed and put them away properly. This way you can always access them when you need to.

gold and black Magnetic Vent Cover

Replacing magnetic vent cover

We have already talked about the reasons why you may want to replace a magnetic vent cover. One thing we didn’t mention above is that you may require a replacement if the cover is heating up. Removing the vent cover without a replacement could leave an opening in your floor that is hazardous.

These covers are not costly to replace especially when you consider a home depot magnetic vent cover. A strong magnetic vent cover from Zigpac is also an inexpensive option. Prior to replacement, you need to clean out your vents efficiently.

Below are simple steps you could follow to replace your vent cover.

Remove the magnetic vent cover

We have already discussed removing the vent cover. Without this step, then the replacement is not possible. This is a simple process which you can complete by unscrewing the vent with a screwdriver.

If the vent is stiff then you may need to wiggle it a bit. On the other hand, you can pry the edges with a flathead screwdriver. This will help to pry it up, use a glove while doing this so you don’t hurt your hands.

Measure to get the appropriate size

Whether the vent is in the floor or season, you need to measure for size. You need to know what dimensions are needed to fill the void that has been created.

The measurement should be of the inside, which is the part that fits into the opening. The replacements must be the appropriate size. You can purchase decorative vent covers from Zigpac but then you need enough for the rest of the house.

Magnetic Vent Cover

Clean the magnetic vent cover as much as you can

The importance of cleaning the vent cannot be overemphasized. When you remove the old vent cover, you’ll see certain items, large or small, that shouldn’t be there. Ensure that you clean all of these out as much as possible.

After picking out the large items, make use of a vacuum to suck out any leftover dust or dirt residue. Let down the vacuum hose as deep as possible to get this done efficiently.

Insert anchors

This is not always necessary but you need to look at the existing holes to tell. If the holes made by the previous screws seem too loose for the new screws then they are necessary.

Get a sufficient number of plastic anchors to provide additional security as you install the new vent cover. On the other hand, if the screws are larger than the previous holes, drill first for convenience.

Replace the vent cover

This is a very easy process. Insert the new vent cover into the opening left by the previous cover. In some cases, you’d need to adjust the ductwork so the new cover sits into the hole properly.

To do this, you can either widen the hole or bend the ductwork into shape. This will help in accommodating the new vent cover.

Removing and Replacing Magnetic Vent Cover Wrap Up

Regardless of why you need to remove and replace your magnetic vent cover (know more), the processes are simple. You can get a variety of vent covers to make your vents look attractive. Share your experiences with us in the comments section of Zigpac.


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