A quick guide to buying the best floor mats for your car 

car floor mats

It does not matter the brand or model of your car, and you will undoubtedly need floor mats to help keep the inside of your car clean. It may not seem like a necessity to some, every car owner who wants their vehicle to last long know they need a quality foot mat. So whether you own an electric or gasoline vehicle, you can check out this quick guide to help you buy the best floor mats. 

Check the ridges and rims 

The first thing you want to inspect is the ridges and rims on the mat. You want to settle for one with higher seams and edges since they are capable of getting deep into the floor of the car. So as it could easily trap liquid, sand, and other particles that could easily ruin your car floor. The best ones are the full cover mats like the Tesla Model 3 all weather floor mats that secure the entire level of the car at all times. 

Check for a locking system 

The back of the mat should have a locking system in place to prevent it from traveling on the floor. You should check for holes on the carpet that can be fastened to hooks on the floor of your car. You can also settle for those with teeth or nibs that can attach to the fibers on the carpet. 

Thicker is better 

When shopping for cat mats, you should opt for thicker models instead of thinner ones. And this is because they are more durable since they don’t crack up or tear easily. You can also expect them not to travel comfortably on the car floor compared to the thin ones. 

Check that the material is odorless 

car floor mats

Most car floor mats are made from plastic materials that give off a foul smell, which can cramp your driving. And not to mention that some of those fumes, if inhaled for extended periods, could pose a health risk. So it is best to perform some smell test always when shopping for one or get ready to remove the rubber smell from your mats.

Consider your style 

Car floor mats are part of the accessories of your vehicle, and they could be a great way to spice the look of your car interior. You can find them available in different colors that make it easy for you to get creative. So you find custom logo mats of your favorite sports team or action figure depending on the one that meets your needs. 

Other factors you need to take into consideration are the type of environment you drive in. If you live in swampy areas where you occasionally enter your car with muddy shoes, then you want a matching mat. And for this purpose, you will need the thick brands that are made of plastic, instead of the lighter ones made from a rug or other type of fabric. 

Lastly, you also want to have a budget to help you make your pick, as you could easily get overwhelmed by the many options available to choose from and spend more than you should. 

car floor mats
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