Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports


To some people, sports is sports. There is no difference whatsoever. To others, the difference between outdoor sports and indoor sports is just the building. Indoor sports are done within a confined space, for instance, a house or sports complex, while outdoor sports are done in the open field.

While that is the fundamental truth, there are lots of other features that differentiate indoor and outdoor sports, which we will be looking at closely. For outdoor sports, it’s often advised that participants should use an outdoor sports fanny pack to keep their personal belongings close to them, as these sports events may be too crowded.

Without further ado, let’s look at some differences between indoor and outdoor sports, and how you can differentiate them.

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Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Sports

1. Building:

Just as mentioned earlier, most outdoor sports are played in the open field while indoor sports are played… indoors!

Now, one may argue that football is often classified as an outdoor sport, but national and international matches are played within a stadium. Large football matches are only played within stadiums for control and organization purposes. Besides, the stadiums aren’t sealed.

This is one of the fundamental differences between both games, but what are the rest?

2. Uniforms

One of the most distinct differences between indoor and outdoor sports is the uniforms. Most indoor sports like chess do not require uniforms because they involve one to two players per session.

But most outdoor sports are played in teams, so they need uniforms to identify themselves. For large outdoor sports events, the officials or organizers were uniforms for participants and visitors to easily identify them if the need arises.

Furthermore, these uniforms are also sources of revenue for the teams- from sales, sponsorships, ambassadorships, etc.

3. Players

The number of players in indoor and outdoor sports is significantly different. Most indoor games are played individually or in groups of two. For instance, the chess game is played between two people, while table tennis is played in twos or fours.

Most outdoor games, like football and basketball, have a minimum of ten players.

4. Environmental conditions

Environmental conditions affect indoor and outdoor sports differently. People have no control of the environment, so the condition that day may affect whether outdoor sports may take place or not.

But that isn’t a problem for indoor sports. It can take place in any environmental condition.

5. Type of rules

Yes, the types of rules in indoor and outdoor games are significantly different. Outdoor sports have more complicated rules because lots of players and game techniques are involved. But for indoor sports, the rules are few and less complicated.

Indoor sports are usually for family and friends’ fun.

6. Techniques involved

The techniques involved in indoor sports are less complicated than ones in outdoor sports. This is because, while outdoor sports rely on physical strength, agility, and teamwork, indoor sports rely on mental capacities and luck.

Furthermore, the rules, techniques, and skills involved in outdoor sports change with time, but that doesn’t happen with indoor sports.

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