How to Do Yoga at the Beach Properly


The next time you hit the beach, take your travel yoga mat with you. It turns out that the beach is one of the best places to do a yoga session. Just think about it – you have fresh salty air to breathe in, and you have the sounds of the sea blocking out most of the noise. It is one of the best places to relax and clear your mind, focus, and feel that you are in the present.

But before you get excited and start doing your favorite yoga poses on the beach, here are some things that you should check out first:

Do not forget your sunscreen

Even if you think the sun is not that harsh when you practice your yoga poses, put on some sunscreen. Never underestimate the power of the sun as it can burn your skin in just a few minutes if you are not careful. You can lose track of time when practicing yoga, and before you know it – you have been baking under the sun more than you should.

The best time to do yoga at the beach

The ideal temperature to do yoga at the beach is 19 to 22 degrees Celsius. So, depending on what time it is of the year and what climate your place has, choose the time of day that is most likely to have this temperature. In the tropics, where most beaches are beautiful, it is ideal for practicing yoga early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Aim to catch the sunrise or sunset to make the whole experience more surreal.

Choosing a good spot to do yoga

You may have a good travel yoga mat, but the sand you lay it on is unstable. Doing yoga on the beach will be challenging for some poses that require you to do a lot of balancing like the tree pose. Try to choose an area that is as flat as possible – especially if you are still a beginner. The good thing about doing balancing poses in the sand is that when you fall, it will not hurt as much. Also, choose a spot that is far from the crowd to help you concentrate.

Yoga first, eat later

We know you are on vacation and you want to eat whenever you want. But it is best to do your eating after your yoga session. Doing yoga poses after you consume a large meal can cause indigestion. If you have to eat, make it a really light snack.


The beach is an excellent place for mediation, which is the key to our inner peace. Meditate for at least five minutes before and after you practice yoga. This will help you feel calmer and connected to nature.

Yoga is all about connecting the mind, body, and spirit. This can be more achievable in a natural setting, such as the beach. When we sync with our environment, we become full of energy and life. So, the next time you hit the beach – do not forget your travel yoga mat!


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