In FIFA 20, the main currency is the FIFACOIN. This coin helps you acquire rare players. The FIFA 20 has a lot of expensive and amazing player which you’d want, but that is impossible because you don’t have enough money for that. Well, there is no need to worry about that. The FIFA 20 FUT coins guide is here to provide you details on how you can get coins and also buy all your desired players.

There are ways to get the coins, you can buy the FIFA 20 Coins or earn it. That is what we’ll be discussing in this guide. During the initial week, the prices of the players in the game will be high, that means getting them will require a large amount of FUT Coin.

The question you might be asking now is “How do I get the FIFA 20 Coin without buying it?

As much as buying it is the most advisable and easiest way to get your FUT Coin, there are other ways to get the coins which I refer to as farming.


You don’t want to Buy FIFA20 COINS, here is how you can earn it.

There are a variety of ways to get the FUT Coins in large quantity, one of which requires you to go you coin bonuses, exchanging them for credit balances. This way, you will gather a lot of coin in a short period – really fast. An increase in the amount of the coin is guaranteed after every match. It is possible to get almost twice or three times the amount of FIFA 20 coin in your wallet in one month without boosting.

Secondly, you can get the FUT Coin through the SBC (Squad Building Challenge). This particular challenge requires you to complete specific challenges, and as a reward, you get a chance to win good players. As time goes, completing the challenges becomes harder, and the gifts become better as well.

The best way to get your coin increased is by participating in Squad Battles and Division Rival games. These two game modes reward you with a lot of coins compared to other alternatives, and also the boost is usually good. To get the total reward at the end of the week, you can decide to play the complete 40 games.

You can also get coins I mean more coins if you decide to trade a player. In other to do this, you must have acquired the player, wait for the demand of the player to rise, which automatically increases the price, and boom you sell at higher prices and get great FUT Coins.

You can also get a large amount of FIFA20 Coins if you play the FIFA20 weekend leagues. Other than playing, you can also get coin by purchasing the incoming FUT group of the week. At this time, the value of the cars will be low and this is because they are new. When their value gets announced by FIFA, then their value skyrockets.


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